I don't have a confirmation that I have space, and I don't know what the location is. Some other people in Philadelphia don't have the information, either.

I'm handling this publicly because we might not be the only ones who need the information.

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The address just went out to the mailing list, which everyone who registered is on. Apologies for the delay on that; VRBO didn't give it to me right away, and then it was supposed to be in a logistics email that kept being delayed as more complications came up. My fault.

Did you not get a PayPal confirmation saying you were registered to sleep over? My understanding was that those were sent out automatically (twice if you preregistered; once when you signed up and once when we actually got the space and your account was charged). Regardless, in the interest of avoiding any further confusion, I'm now sending out an email to each participant telling them whether they're registered for overnight space. Everyone whose payment went through is confirmed.

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