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There is good information in this super long article, like the Einstellung effect, but the tone isn't to my liking. It feels like the intended audience for this differs a lot from the typical LW-crowd.

I didn't get much value out of reading it (although I admit I only skimmed it), but I don't doubt that other people might find it useful. But it doesn't seem like the sort of thing most people on LW would get much out of. (Feel free to correct me if otherwise.)

Well, the article uses Elon Musk and Matrix as metaphors for... uhm, I only read the first half of it, and I am still not really sure.

What do you think was the intended message?

I think the main point the author was trying to get across was that Elon Musk did so well because he was able to challenge some fundamental assumptions in life.

The next article in this two-part series is just a bunch of exercises that asks you to identify what assumptions you might be unknowingly taking on.