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How to study statistical/computer modelling of the current pandemic and its outcomes?

by CheerfulWarrior1 min read29th Mar 2020No comments



The purpose of this question is NOT to help with the ongoing real research.

Rather, I want to use the excitement of living in a pandemic to learn new stuff, mostly statistics and computer modelling. I noticed that I'm wasting a lot of energy reading clickbait articles and I want to redirect that energy towards something more productive in the long term. (Side-note: generally my self-improvement meta-strategy is redirecting emotional impulses with minimal willpower, rather than imposing self-discipline which in my experience depletes more willpower and is less enjoyable.)

I'm interested not only in health outcomes but also/mostly economic ones.

Resources I have identified so far:

For the sake of other readers who might also be interested, any related resources and advice will be very welcome.

My own background is in C/C++ programming with some Python experience and nearly all of statistics knowledge forgotten. I would prefer my study to focus more on maths, statistics, etc. since it should yield greater proportional gain in knowledge for time invested (since my starting point in computer-related fields is much higher and so my learning curve will be flatter), and also because I'm working as a full-time programmer so I prefer to do other things in my free time.



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