Meetup : Boston: Self Therapy

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Discussion article for the meetup : Boston: Self Therapy

WHEN: 16 November 2014 03:30:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: 98 elm street somerville


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? Apps? Books? Mood-tracking? Kate runs through evidence-based self-therapy techniques and ways to implement them.

Our own psychologist and social worker, Kate Donovan, will be speaking about self therapy. It should be both helpful and informative.

Join us at the Citadel for the talk and discussion! Cambridge/Boston-area Less Wrong meetups start at 3:30pm, and have an alternating location:

  • 1st Sunday meetups are at Citadel in Porter Sq, at 98 Elm St, apt 1, Somerville.

  • 3rd Sunday meetups are in MIT's building 66 at 25 Ames St, room 156. Room number subject to change based on availability; signs will be posted with the actual room number.

(We also have last Wednesday meetups at Citadel at 7pm.)

Our default schedule is as follows:

—Phase 1: Arrival, greetings, unstructured conversation.
—Phase 2: The headline event. This starts promptly at 4pm, and lasts 30-60 minutes.
—Phase 3: Further discussion. We'll explore the ideas raised in phase 2, often in smaller groups.
—Phase 4: Dinner.

Discussion article for the meetup : Boston: Self Therapy