Hey there,

A few days ago I went semi-viral on HN for posting a side project:

Here's a screenshot of the analytics for the last few days:

The site is called papertalk. Basically I made it because I'd love to have a LW/HN type of community centered around the state of the art of every academic field; health, history, cs, economics, etcetera. I've noticed with high-quality communities the discussion can do a really great job of quickly communicating the value or lack thereof in a way a layman like myself can understand. 

I didn't expect so much positive feedback from the HN post but in light of that I'm trying to turn this into something really polished and useful. I thought I'd post here as well as this is another community I think it could resonate with. 

Any feedback is very much appreciated. 

If anyone is an expert in any field and familiar with the landscape of academic papers, I want to have an MVP (most valuable papers) section for each field with the foundational / most significant research.



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