a little ship in the big cosmos  



actually it's not that little
for a single family, it's rather big
just that in space, everything looks so small

but it is flying

it is boldly going  



the ship looks like a lot of things

most of all like a house
it is their house

warm light in the windows

here is the main entrance!
it's where the guests would arrive

towers, staiways, balconies
flowers (cosmic species of flowers)

more windows
some are open  



inside, we see:

sofas, chairs, pillows
scattered socks
a map of australia on the wall (sëbus made it for dad for christmas)  



we can also see:

a big table

three captains sitting around the table
first captain in the middle

they are having a captains' meeting

there is new information  



second captain speaking


second captain's face is difficult to decode

"new information."

captain one is surprised
not scared, of course

he just presses the button that turns the table into a bed
because new information is best taken in bed

just so you can, if needed, spring up and jump
and if needed, wrap yourself in the blanket

"information re you, zë"     dad and mom sit down at the edges of the bed

"important new information."

suddenly, sëbus forgets that he'd resolved to not be scared, and gets scared  



here's what he was scared of:
what if parents are about to tell him he's virtual too!

but, phew
they're not
he's not

sëbus is real
that wasn't what the information was about

good thing dad guessed at once what was it with captain one

and mom hugged him: "see? we hug all the time, don't we?"  



"i'll begin at the beginning" dad begins     when sëbus is ready again  



zë —

you know of course     that we — humans — sentients of earth —
are not the only sentients in the universe

there are other civilizations

many of them are older than us

and more intelligent  



there's this civilization

they have many names

some call them magi
i prefer another name: knowers

not about who they are but what they do:
they know

that much we know about them: that they know a lot

and we know little else
the knowers are not really known  



and they are really really old
older than us by billions of years

they were sentient back when earth barely had bacteria
and they've been getting smarter all this time

because you get smarter as you live     whether you want it or not
life is accummulation of intelligence

so now they know a lot
they are knowers  



they are just seven in total

probably, long ago, they numbered in billions
like us

as time went on, they had fewer and fewer kids     [demographic transition]

of course, they are immortal too, since like forever

but immortal doesn't mean you won't ever want to die
those who are immortal take dying easy

like when you go to sleep
sleep when you want, wake up when you want

"and what if you don't"     nobody said but sëbus thought  




billions of years passed
most of them went to sleep

now, they are seven

and they     yeah
from our viewpoint, they know all
they can do anything

right, you can't know everything, not really
but for us, it's as good as everything

even if for them, it's a drop in the ocean  



no     (dad responds to sëbus)

we've never seen a real knower
neither me nor mom
nor anyone i know

we know they exist
everyone knows that
but what they look like, are they big or small even     no one knows

they are practically omnipontent, remember
meaning, they can do anything
be anything

can be like humans, sure
can even live among us
and most likely do  



the knowers have been watching humans for a long time

it's often claimed that ancient people called them gods
that's nonsense
humans' gods were always other humans

but they have been helping
teaching, in a way

gave humans fire     (the prometheus myth: had to fake stealing, otherwise people wouldn't take it!)

suggested the idea of writing

all in all, stimilated our brains  



earth's humans made quick progress in some things
in others, they lagged behind
like, stone age behind

wars! just an example
up until the 21st century at least

just couldn't quit     like those tweedle brothers

so, yeah, they've had a hard time with us     our human knowers
but they are human lovers too
so they kept on  



it's not like we are the only ones they watch
they have a whole kindergarten of civilizations

the knowers love those who want to know
those who put an effort
they help them

so here we are
humans of earth

not the best in the class     but not the worst either, i guess

and the knowers know us
all of us  



"you too, zë"     dad says

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