Lily and I have been playing some 5x5 Go. We were using rubber bands to mark off a corner of a regular board, but I wanted a real one. It doesn't seem like anyone sells these, so I decided to make one:

I found someone else's writeup of how they made a Go board, and took a similar approach.

Instead of using MDF, I used some of the three-quarter inch plywood I keep on hand. I cut a rectangle 6" by 6.46", following the Japanese ratio:

I sanded it, progressively down to 220 grit:

I sketched the initial set of lines in pencil:

I drew the lines in sharpie. It would've been a bit nicer to use a finer point, but this was what I had.

After two coats of polyurethane, it's ready for play:

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Fantastic to see this wonderful game be passed onto a new generation!

I'd be most interested in how you approached teaching Lily how to play.