That thread is way too long, so I'm not going to read it, but I did a quick search for and didn't see any discussion on what I consider the dealbreaker when considering the evidence for or against most religions (but especially any flavor of Christianity), which is the existence of "souls." Simply put, the "soul" hypothesis doesn't jive with current evidence from physics, and it doesn't pay rent with regard to observations from neuroscience (or any kind of observations, for that matter). I strongly suspect that the Book of Mormon doesn't deal with evidence from neuroscience, which means that, due to the "soul" hypothesis being fairly central to Christian belief (it is the postulated mechanism by which a person is judged for "sins" committed in their life), you don't have to read it.

As an aside, I consider this line of reasoning to be something like "atheism for dummies" since most religions that I've seen depend on humans having something like a soul.

Am I obligated to reread the Book of Mormon?

by [anonymous] 1 min read28th Jul 201136 comments


In this comment thread, I stated that

I have read the Book of Mormon in the past, but I hereby precommit to reading it again and "searching in my heart" (I have a copy on my bookshelf) if you can demonstrate that my skepticism regarding your evidence is unwarranted.

In the resulting thread five evidences were given, and some back-and-forth occurred. Being myself somewhat biased, I feel unfit to judge if Arandur actually showed that a non-Mormon's skepticism is unwarranted.

So you, who wish to become stronger, I ask: please comment below whether or not you believe the proposition was satisfied.

Remember! This is not a vote on whether the evidence is factually correct or not!

Remember! This is not a chance to anonymously signal your agreement or disagreement with the LW hive mind!

Remember! If the sky is green, wish to believe that the sky is green!

I don't know what else I can say to forestall thread hijacking.