For the past ~8 months, I've been summarizing the top posts on the EA and LW forums each week (see archive here), a project supported by Rethink Priorities (RP).

I’ve recently taken on a new role as an AI Governance & Strategy Research Manager at RP. As a result of this we're going to be putting the forum summaries on hiatus while we work on what they should look like in the future, and hire for someone new to run the project. A big thank you to everyone who completed our recent survey - it’s great input for us as we evaluate this project going forward!

The hiatus will likely last for ~4-6 months. We’ll continue to use the existing email list and podcast channel (EA Forum Podcast (Summaries)) when it's back up and running, so subscribe if you’re interested and feel free to continue to share it with others.

If you’re looking for other ways to stay up to date in the meantime, some resources to consider:


The EA Forum Digest - a weekly newsletter recommending new EA forum posts that have high karma, active discussion, or could use more input.

Monthly Overload of Effective Altruism - a monthly newsletter with top research, organizational updates and events in the EA community.

The EA Newsletter - a monthly newsletter with news and updates about the effective altruism community, a selection of top posts, and highlights of progress and discussion in different cause areas.


EA forum podcast (curated posts) - human narrations of some of the best posts from the EA forum.

Nonlinear library - AI narrations of all posts from the EA Forum, Alignment Forum, and LessWrong that meet a karma threshold.

There are heaps of cause-area specific newsletters out there too - if you have suggestions, please share them in the comments.

I’ve really enjoyed my time running this project! Thanks for reading and engaging, to Coleman Snell for narrating, and to all the writers who’ve shared their ideas and helped people find new opportunities to do good.