I think the implication is that the sexual marketplace is inefficient (with an implied dig at the idea that employment is a right in the sense that you describe). Given roughly equal numbers of men and women who want sex and/or relationships, and treating men and women as fungible, there is an inefficiency if everybody isn't satisfied, as partners can be rearranged to produce a greater number of satisfied people.

On the down side for this view, people aren't in fact fungible. On the up side for this view, there are some obvious inefficiencies in the sexua... (read more)

There are, of course, complications :-)

First, people are not fungible at all (outside of the fairly rare "any hole will do" approach and no, I don't mean bisexuals).

Second, there is a lot of fuzziness about what's actually being traded because under consideration is the whole spectrum from casual one-night stands to till death do us part. Notably when talking about the sex marketplace, what many people want is actually a relationship and that's a bit different.

Third, there are difficulties because what you offer to exchange is not well-defined, p... (read more)

Rational approach to finding life partners

by c_edwards 1 min read16th Aug 2015128 comments


Speaking from personal experience, finding the right relationship can be HARD. I recently came across a rational take on finding relationship partners, much of which really resonated with my experiences:




(I'm still working my way through the Sequences, and lw has more than eight thousand articles with "relationship" in them. I'm not promising the linked articles include unique information)