Redwood Research is a research organization with the mission of aligning superhuman AI. In addition to our primary work of applied AI alignment research, we host and operate Constellation, a shared office space we created to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration between longtermist organizations. People from the Alignment Research Center, MIRI, and Open Philanthropy often work from the space.

Redwood and Constellation are expanding. Redwood Research’s staff includes Nate Thomas (CEO), Buck Shlegeris (CTO), and Bill Zito (COO), and a board of Nate Thomas, Holden Karnofsky, and Paul Christiano.

We’re running a hiring round for a number of Operations roles, across a range of experience levels. The roles we are most excited to hire are:

We also have a number of other roles, including technical roles, which you can also apply to here.

Our office is in downtown Berkeley, thirteen seconds from the nearest BART stop. We offer catered lunches and dinners, and cover PPO health, dental, and vision insurance. We will consider international applicants who need visas.

Below is a picture taken from the office -- we have beautiful views in all directions!

If you’re interested in any of the roles listed above, fill out this application form. If you would like to express interest in this role but don’t want to be considered for the current hiring round there is the option to specify this on the form. Any questions, please email, if you’re on the fence about applying, please email us. Deadline for applications is 13th May 2022. 





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