Ironically, I think it's because we can rationalize.  And not "rationalize" in the sense of "coming up with excuses for acting on emotion" or whatnot.  More in the sense of how we put stories to the maths, as it were.  Reason.

So ironically, logic is why we're so illogical.

Perhaps there is no objective reality.  (And thus no hard logic.)  Or if there is, it's inaccessible to us, as we're subjective creatures, and always will be— even if we make some objective friends, as it were (AI or Aliens or Gods).[1]

We can reason, so we can imagine— and imagination lets us reason about whatever we'd like.

So it's not illogical, it's imaginative.

It's not irrational to think you could win the lottery.  Someone does, right?  What even are "odds"?  Is there such a thing as luck?  Does True Random even Exist?

What is logic, anyways?  What's "real"?  Why does it seem like so much in life is paradox?

Why did I jump into posting stuff on this site after thinking it was dead for a long time and without really picking up on any norms prior?!  Is this even a "question" post?

Meh, at least it's not directly about AI, for a change.  Guess I'll go read the FAQ.  Heh.

  1. ^

    As individuals, we're ever alone and uncertain, by dint of existence…
    "Hello?  Is there anybody else in my mind?"
    "Nobody here but us chickens"
    "that's what I figured"

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