Here’s a blog post in which Kernel (which aims to make mass-market Brain imaging headsets) CEO Bryan Johnson details his new endeavor “Project Blueprint”, in which he aims to spend upwards of $1m a year measuring the biological age of 70+ of his body organs in an attempt to “maximally reverse” body aging. The process relies on DNA methylation testing. The second link is to the dashboard for the project. Bryan’s “gamified” the process, gaining an “age reduction point” for each year a validated marker is below his chronological age.

He writes:

“Many people believe that anti-aging, the fountain-of-youth radical type, is decades if not centuries away (if ever) and will arrive in the form of a magic pill. Blueprint is a stock ticker of sorts that will reveal, through the tracking of my biological versus chronological age, the status of today's anti-aging science (even if an N=1 for now).”

Right now, Johnson’s project is expensive and extensive—but ought to provide a good test case to watch for the state of the art of anti-aging practice, when budget and effort are not worries.

Most of the markers are currently sitting at “TBM”, but more are coming online each month.

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Link two

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