I want the world to be saved.

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I agree Alicorn's phrasing is better. My own position would literally be: "I want to act so as to maximize the degree to which the world is saved". In practice this is more likely to be "helping other people to save the world", but that's a strategy not a goal.

I'm indifferent to personal glory etc.

I want to maximize something rather like a utility function, so I want my degree of ambition to naturally scale with the opportunities available. If I only have the opportunity to do a very little good, I want to do a very little good. If I ha... (read more)

2wallowinmaya9yWow, maybe I'm stupid, but why did this comment got so much karma? I'm really just curious...
0atucker9yDoes this mean that you don't want to be involved in doing it? And if so, why? Or is it just you want it to happen, which may or may not involve you?

People who want to save the world

by Giles 1 min read15th May 2011247 comments


atucker wants to save the world.
ciphergoth wants to save the world.
Dorikka wants to save the world.
Eliezer_Yudkowsky wants to save the world.
I want to save the world.
Kaj_Sotala wants to save the world.
lincolnquirk wants to save the world.
Louie wants to save the world.
paulfchristiano wants to save the world.
Psy-Kosh wants to save the world.

Clearly the list I've given is incomplete. I imagine most members of the Singularity Institute belong here; otherwise their motives are pretty baffling. But equally clearly, the list will not include everyone.

What's my point? My point is that these people should be cooperating. But we can't cooperate unless we know who we are. If you feel your name belongs on this list then add a top-level comment to this thread, and feel free to add any information about what this means to you personally or what plans you have. Or it's enough just to say, "I want to save the world".

This time, no-one's signing up for anything. I'm just doing this to let you know that you're not alone. But maybe some of us can find somewhere to talk that's a little quieter.