Meetup : Bath: Introduction and PredictionBook

by KnaveOfAllTrades 1 min read10th Oct 20147 comments


Discussion article for the meetup : Bath: Introduction and PredictionBook

WHEN: 19 October 2014 02:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: 5-10 James St W, Avon, Bath BA1 2BX

I'll be hosting a meetup for Bath, UK on Sunday 19th October at 14:00.
The meetup will be held at the King of Wessex, which is a Wetherspoons pub in the city. Start time is 14:00, and I'll wait at least ninety minutes after that for the first arrivals. I'll put a Less Wrong paperclip print-out on the table so you can identify me. In case you need to contact me (e.g. if the venue is unexpectedly busy and we have to move elsewhere and you can't find us), my mobile number is the product 3 x 3 x 23 x 97 x 375127, preceded by a zero (so eleven digits total). Since this is the first meetup, we'll start off with introductions and chit-chat. I will also formulate and bring along (but not check the veracity of) some propositions for us to place probabilities on, as calibration training. I recommend you create and play around with a PredictionBook account in advance of the meetup to get to grips with it and in case you have any questions about it we can discuss on the day. (Why not register right now? It only takes one or two minutes.) Bonus points if you bring a device to log your predictions on PredictionBook as we go along, and as a back-up in case my laptop dies. (The venue has free Wi-Fi that you can register for in a few minutes.)

Discussion article for the meetup : Bath: Introduction and PredictionBook