Cross-posting on EA Forum.

I think it could be useful if folks had a relatively low bar for sharing Anki decks they make, especially if they're for an EA/rationalist relevant book, an 80,000 Hours podcast episode, or a good or popular textbook (especially, if it's listed here!). I would love for the comments on the EA Forum version of this post became an ever expanding list of such decks. 

Perhaps you could state:

  • What book/podcast/etc. the deck is on
    • I'd encourage you to have an Anki folder for the book/podcast/etc. but then have the decks themselves broken down by chapter/episode/article/etc.
  • Link to deck
  • Will you update the deck based on people's corrections?
  • In your view, how comprehensive is it?
  • In you view, what is it's quality?
  • How much experience do you have making decks? (In years, books, or some other relevant metric you prefer.)
  • Are you okay with others reviewing the deck, to help others?
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