I work at the Centre for Effective Altruism, and thought some LessWrongers might be interested in applying for the jobs and internships that we're currently offering - or else know others who might be! CEA’s been discussed on LessWrong several times before, and is the umbrella organisation to which 80,000 Hours and Giving What We Can belong. We’re also starting to branch out into global prioritisation research (e.g. comparing the value of work on AI risk and on helping the global poor) and pure promotion of effective altruist ideas.

CEA is an exciting and inspiring place to work. You’re part of a focused team of intelligent, enthusiastic, driven colleagues; everyone involved is passionate about their work, making the office an inspiring place to be.  We’re based in the centre of Oxford, where we share offices with the Future of Humanity Institute, and which is a global hub for the effective altruist community. For more, see this explanation of why working at CEA is an excellent opportunity.

The deadline to apply is 5pm GMT on February the 21st. To apply, or see more information about these roles, visit our careers page. If you know anyone who might be interested in these opportunities, do pass them on. Here is the full list of jobs and internships that are available:

Director of Development

We’re looking for a new staff member to lead our fundraising efforts. CEA is a young and rapidly growing charity, which has grown to a £300,000 annual budget over 18 months. In this role you’ll be fundraising for two exciting organisations that are part of the Centre for Effective Altruism - Giving What We Can and 80,000 Hours. CEA has a track record of incubating new charitable projects, and will continue to expand into new areas.

In order to meet its growth targets CEA has set the ambitious goal of raising an extra £150,000 over the next year. Currently, CEA is funded primarily by ‘high net worth’ donors, but also a number of medium-sized donors focussed on the effectiveness of their donations, and some grants. For this role we are interested in people with previous experience in fundraising. We would be willing to pay up to £40,000, dependent on experience.

Director of Community at Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can is looking for an exceptional candidate to lead its outreach to existing and potential members. GWWC asks people to pledge to donate 10% of their income to the best charities that they are aware of; to date, it has found 430 members who have collectively pledged over £100 million. The Director of Community is an essential part of our team, and the process by which we have impact in helping those in poverty. We have found that in order to be willing to pledge to give 10% of their income for the rest of their lives, people need personal contact with a friendly member of staff who can answer their questions and introduce them to other people doing the same.

GWWC is looking for someone willing to stay in this role for many years. If successful, this person could eventually oversee a team of people attracting and engaging members. They would be working closely with a Director of Communications who would help to generate prospective members and an Executive Director who would set the strategic direction of the organisation.

Lead Developer at 80,000 Hours

We’ve got an exciting opportunity to become a core member of the 80,000 Hours team. We’re looking for someone to join us in a full-time paid position as a lead developer, helping 80,000 Hours drive forward its mission to help thousands of people identify and take high leverage ways to have a social impact.

We are looking for a developer to work closely with our founding team, in order to:

  • Develop an online platform for people to learn about our research
  • Create interactive ways to deliver our career coaching online
  • Help start other tech projects focused on evidence-based approaches to improving the world.

There may also be the opportunity to work more broadly with the CEA, helping to foster an incubator for high impact projects. The role is also highly flexible, and we’ll tailor it to your skills, interests and development aims.

Careers Analyst at 80,000 Hours

Another full-time paid role at 80,000 Hours that we’re advertising for is that of a Careers Analyst, helping us in our mission through providing high quality high impact careers guidance. In this role you would:

  • Give one-on-one coaching to amazing people who want to change the world, as part of our case studies
  • Do research into finding the most promising career opportunities in the world
  • Promote our research in the international media, online and through other outreach
  • Monitor our impact.

The role is also highly flexible, and we’ll tailor it to your skills, interests and development aims. We are particularly interested in people with knowledge of economics.

Internships on our Graduate Volunteer Scheme

Both Giving What We Can and 80,000 Hours are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to volunteer with us full-time in Oxford. We run a Graduate Volunteer Scheme on which you can intern with us for several months. We can often provide accommodation and expenses to ensure that you’re not left out of pocket. As a Graduate Volunteer or intern, there are lots of different areas to work on, and there’s plenty of flexibility to adjust the role so it plays to your strengths and development aims. We make it our responsibility to ensure your time here allows you to grow as much as possible, as well as just being lots of fun! We’re looking for hardworking individuals with a strong desire for personal development who are deeply interested in making the world a better place in an effective way.

See here for more details about the scheme. If you would be interested in interning with us, please let us know via this form.

Two week internships on Giving What We Can's September development programme

Do you want to join the fight against global poverty and gain experience of research or communications within the voluntary sector? Giving What We Can is running a development programme for students interested in promoting effective charitable giving. In this two week period (15th-26th September 2014) interns will gain training and experience in the area of their choice; either cost-effectiveness Research or Communications. For more details and to apply, see this page.

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