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What are your favorite examples of distillation?

by NaiveTortoise1 min read25th Apr 20206 comments


World Modeling

I'm a big fan of the Distill machine learning journal and the ideas of Research Debt and distillation. I consider Distill and LessWrong great repositories for distillations of ML / AI and some math topics. However, I've recently been hankering for distillations from other fields with which I'm somewhat familiar -- biology, algorithms, economics-- or even not that familiar. (John Wentworth's recent series of posts on aging and constraints are good examples of one form posts like this could take.)

So, I figured I'd ask here: what are your favorite examples of distillation in different fields? I'm open to more ML / AI related posts but am especially excited about responses in the fields I mentioned above or other different fields (I would include math here too). Ideal answers would be posts that optimally trade off:

  • Describing a non-trivial topic.
  • Not "dumbing it down".
  • Being accessible to non-experts.