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First posted on Everything-List on June 2, 2020.

Hi Everyone,

while bright scientists and imaginative geeks continue to discuss advanced concepts at elusive locations of the Internet -- the remains of UseNet, and esoteric websites, the ideas shared there as plain text, no matter how bright, generally don't make it into any funding platforms to be tried out. The modern instant-gratification and flashy platforms usually require a prototype of an attractive product, a good ARR, or a well traded coin to convince investors. But few innovators are willing to spend resources and months of uncertainty to build prototypes, or spend on marketing to promote a coin, and so, the bright, potentially life-saving ideas continue to die.

The 0oo.li today, is an on-line problem solving, innovation, work and investment forum, to organize discussion from suggesting questions, ideas, to starting projects, and sharing work results in public, that enables anyone to take a look at the risk, ROI, logic, and structure, and having fun discussing, and funding projects, not because of flashy prototypes, but because of verified public works. The project was inspired 15 years ago, by Halfbakery, if anyone knows that site, this may look a bit familiar.

Feel free to come by. Introductory video is at 0oo.li/usage. Your feedback is very welcome!


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