Meetup : West LA—Practical Taoism

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Discussion article for the meetup : West LA—Practical Taoism

WHEN: 26 February 2014 07:00:00PM (-0800)

WHERE: 11066 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

How to Find Us: Go into the Del Taco. I will bring a Rubik's Cube and put it on a table, in case you require visual confirmation that You Are In The Right Place before asking anyone whether you're in the right place.

Parking is, well, I don't actually know. There's a sign that says the local lot allows only 45 minutes, but that may or may not be enforced. Others have reported that it's easy to find less time-unlimited parking nearby, although not as guaranteed.


Look at your Internet argument. Now look at Now look at your Internet argument. Your Internet argument is now stupid. Actually, your internet argument was already stupid.—St. Rev

If you have political opinions, you are a fool. If you think your political opinions matter, you are doubly the fool. If you think it's important that other people share your political opinions: fool. If you actually spend a significant portion of your time trying to get people to have the same political opinions as you, you cannot be redeemed. These are the facts that we must face, because you and I are but human and do not understand society. Metapolitical opinions, of course, are completely rational and not at all subject to these considerations.

We will be discussing Michael Huemer's paper In Praise of Passivity, of which section 4 is practical advice given its conclusions. Hence practical Taoism: useful inaction.

Recommended Reading:

No prior knowledge of or exposure to Less Wrong is necessary; this will be generally accessible. However, I would very much like it if someone, anyone, anyone at all, were to read the material beforehand.

Discussion article for the meetup : West LA—Practical Taoism


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