Threads in the user page (so I can see replies and respond).

See who voted.

Force "make my votes public" to true.

Should a downvote require an explanation?

Threads in the user page seem cool.

I like anonymous comment voting.

I don't see any need to force 'make my votes public'

Downvotes should definitely not require explanations. Anyone with time for that should be doing something more important.

Issues, Bugs, and Requested Features

by Eliezer Yudkowsky 1 min read26th Feb 2009674 comments


[Edit: IssuesBugs, and Requested Features should be tracked at Google Code, not here -- matt, 2010-04-23


Less Wrong is still under construction.  Please post any bugs or issues with Less Wrong to this thread.  Try to keep each comment thread a clean discussion of each bug or issue.

Requested features... sure, go ahead, but bear in mind we may not be able to implement for a while.