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How would you advise a peer-supported virtues-oriented self-help group?

by David_Gross1 min read31st May 2019No comments



The "virtues" are the classical name for those habitual characteristics of acting and thinking that tend toward a flourishing, beneficial life. An influential theory of virtues holds that they are much like many other human skills in that you can become fluent in them through sustained practice. I'm helping to create a peer-supported self-help group in which each individual will identify a virtue they want to work on, and then work with a peer (who is doing the same) to come up with a practice curriculum and a way of mutual support / accountability so as to keep at it, eventually moving on to a second virtue, and so on. We're "alpha testing" it now. I'm hoping the LW community can give me some advice, and/or some pointers to other groups doing similar projects.

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