Open & Welcome Thread - October 2019

What are some good discussions of "ideology" from a rationalist perspective? E.g., what it is, what causes people to have them, what's the best way to fight harmful ideologies, how to prevent harmful ideologies from forming in one's own social movement, etc. From what I've been able to find myself, it seems to be a rather neglected topic on LW:

I'd also be interested in good discussions of it from outside the rationali

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I have always understood this to be a consequence of the Politics is the Mindkiller custom. The most relevant pieces outside the Craft and the Community on LessWrong are Raemon's The Relationship Between the Village and the Mission, and The Schelling Choice is Rabbit, not Stag.

I can think of a couple relevant-but-not-specific areas outside the rationalist community:

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1hg004moThe mental models in this post seem really generally useful: []
4Wei_Dai5moI'd have no problem with turning it into a top-level question post, if that's something you can do. (I posted it in Open Thread in case there was already some sequence of posts that directly addressed my questions, that I simply missed.) It not, I may write a question post after I do some more research and think/talk things over.

Open & Welcome Thread - October 2019

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