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How will this recession differ from the last two?

I don't know enough economics to have great thoughts here, but I almost wonder if it's something like people's ability to trade has been eroded. The "market", i.e., place where you trade, has been lost. I would still purchases handmade cocktails and live music experiences if I could and you would still produce them if you could, but now we're no longer able to trade, no longer able to exchange value.

I'm not sure where this line of thought leads.

What should we do once infected with COVID-19?

Ah, the problem is my brain is not working today. I missed the word "not" despite intentionally looking for its presence or absence. My bad. Question retracted.

What should we do once infected with COVID-19?

As I reach for the Ibuprofen and hesitate:

France is recommending against NSAIDs and against ibuprofen in particular. I will be very surprised if that ends up being born out (and WHO agrees with me)

Which part of the WHO status makes you think they don't think it will be born out? It says they're recommending what France says for now even though they don't currently have evidence that it's a problem.

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What should we do once infected with COVID-19?

Some additional thoughts:

I have a lot of uncertainty when hearing the 5% runny nose figure from data. Things like:
1) how did they define runny nose, maybe their cut off is much more stringent? If the paper defines this, it isn't getting passed along.
2) It's possible that different strains/mutations of coronavirus elicit different symptoms? I don't know enough to judge how likely that is. Same for whether different populations might present differently.
3) Allergies might cause runny nose independently of COVID-19.

What should we do once infected with COVID-19?

Do you have a runny nose? Probably not COVID-19

I'm concerned about this one as advice. I think it's fine to say it's a likelihood ratio of 20x against, but the in presence of severe fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, I think a person should still place non-negligible probability on it being COVID-19 notwithstanding having had a runny nose at some point. I'm worried people about hearing the "runny nose != COVID" updating too hard that they don't have it. 1 in 20 people isn't that rare.

I  think it's more reasonable to say that if you don't have fever and do have runny nose, the odds are probably in your favor, but the runny nose alone shouldn't be an overriding diagnostic consideration.

Coronavirus Justified Practical Advice Summary

I recall there being some concern that a residue can build up on the copper tape making it less effective. Certainly the tape on the back of my phone is discolored now.

If the tape ended up being not effective but it made people complacent such that they didn't clean the surfaces as much, that could be worse?

Did this get resolved?

I write this atop a mound of copper tape.

[Site Update] Subscriptions, Bookmarks, & Pingbacks

Seems no one replied to this. The top 5 is a limitation we are well aware of and is on the list to fix for Pingbacks is moved out of beta-status. I think it was there just because it takes extra UI work to have an expanding list. I agree the lack of indication that it's happening is pretty back.

I also really like the notification idea, I do hope we make that happen.

More writeups!

Checkout, it’s an experimental tag within the  under-development feature.

LessWrong FAQ

Good question! I think this was missed in FAQ and I'll add it in. Currently multiple authors can only be added by an admin. If it works for you, send us a message through Intercom, or email

2018 Review: Voting Results!

There are five people on the team. I wasn't the most involved, but I was still very involved. But you'll hear from all of soon, don't you worry.

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