Steelmanning MIRI critics

And yet, all the publicly known MIRI research seems to be devoted to formal proof systems, not to testing, "boxing", fail-safe mechanisms, defense in depth, probabilistic failure analysis, and so on.

Motte and bailey?

This paragraph is a simplification rather than the whole story, but: Our research tends to be focused on mathematical logic and proof systems these days because those are expressive frameworks with which to build toy models that can give researchers some general insight into the shape of the novel problems of AGI control. Methods like testing and probabilistic failure analysis require more knowledge of the target system than we now have for AGI.

And we do try to be clear about the role that proof plays in our research. E.g. see the tiling agents LW post:


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Steelmanning MIRI critics

by fowlertm 1 min read19th Aug 201467 comments


I'm giving a talk to the Boulder Future Salon in Boulder, Colorado in a few weeks on the Intelligence Explosion hypothesis. I've given it once before in Korea but I think the crowd I'm addressing will be more savvy than the last one (many of them have met Eliezer personally). It could end up being important, so I was wondering if anyone considers themselves especially capable of playing Devil's Advocate so I could shape up a bit before my talk? I'd like there to be no real surprises. 

I'd be up for just messaging back and forth or skyping, whatever is convenient.