Here I made an attempt to set out a vision on this topic in few thoughts.

Scientific and technological advancements do not by themselves destroy human values and ethical factors. If we forget our past and the teachings of our ancestors, it is due to the all-round degeneration of our character for which it is futile to blame science. Nowhere does science says that we should discard the basic values of life.

Science, after all, is only highly evolved common sense. The fact that common sense also concerns itself with many other facts and facets of life is not denied by science and technology.

The argument that it is science that is responsible for the heavy loss of human lives and the widespread destruction which scientific inventions such as nuclear bombs and advanced weapons cause are fallacious. It is the misuse of science and technology that has caused loss of life and property. Science and technology hace undoubtedly facilitated human progress. These have not prompted the use of destructive devices. Critics point to the continuing erosion of moral and spiritual values. But how has science caused the erosion?

Do, electricity, the telephone, and satellite communication, together with all the other modern conveniences, lead to a fall in human values? Certainly not. Science and civilization go together quite well and they are by no means incompatible. Science merely eliminates superstition through the encouragement of enlightened understanding. It has removed ignorance and has facilitated the utilization of natural resources.

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I don't have the context to know what you're arguing for or against, and there's a serious lack of rigor in specifying what your position is. Your link is broken, so I can't see if there's more there.

This could be an interesting topic, and I'd enjoy seeing a post about this size, but focusing on a more specific argument.