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Reposting previously linked content on LW

by G Gordon Worley III1 min read18th Oct 2019No comments


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This question might be a bit specific to me, but maybe it applies to others so I'll ask publicly so the answer becomes more visible to all.

Is there are a policy or what are your thoughts on posting content on LW that was previously the subject of a link post?

In my case most of these are from the dying days of the LW 1.0 era. In the last few months I've switched from linking to cross-posting from my blog as LW 2.0 has taken off and proven to be a good host for my content. I could update those old posts with the content just to mirror it over on LW, but that also feels a bit sad because if I'm going to do the (admittedly minor) formatting work necessary to bring the posts over and have them look nice, I'd also like it if they became more visible to folks, especially for that content that I think people would like to see but may have missed because it was linked at a time when LW was pretty inactive and so those old, updated posts wouldn't well reflect the engagement that might receive now. However, I can also see some danger in this as maybe someone could take this as license to abuse the policy and repost a lot of stuff from years ago to make it fresh again even when it did previously receive appropriate levels of engagement because it was being posted at a time when LW was more active.

This is obviously mostly a question for the moderators but other people's opinions are probably worthwhile as evidence for the mods to consider.

(On an unrelated note, I'd actually be pretty happy to move my blog to LW from Medium, which I know has been floated as a possible future feature, but I'd need some way to keep links working, which is thankfully eased by having a custom domain and not needing to redirect raw Medium articles, as well as a way for my domain to sit in front of my LW content but not all LW content.)


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