Discussion article for the meetup : #13 - Focusing

WHEN: 05 March 2017 03:13:37PM (+0100)

WHERE: Meester Treublaan 18, 1097 DP Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you see yourself as a kind of robot, focusing is for you.

About 50 years ago, a guy named Carl Rogers was trying to fix psychotherapy. He studied different modalities (like freudian, behaviorist, etc), trying to find out which one was better. It turned out none of these therapies had better results than the others. Guess Freud was full of shit. But what did? There was one common factor among the group of clients that did recover. It was that when asked about their feelings, they did something like: "uhhh... not sure... I guess I feel... frustrated? No wait that's not exactly it. uh... maybe I feel unjustly inhibited? Nah... closer but that's not quite the thing either..." So Rogers took that thing and said: why don't we just try to teach that?

That thing is focusing. It's a way to query those deep subconscious beliefs that secretly impact everything you do in major ways. I (Toon) personally didn't really get the point of this, until I found out that pretty much everything that was wrong in my life was caused by not really being aware of my feelings. Now it's my favourite technique.

Don't be like Toon. Learn focusing.

Discussion article for the meetup : #13 - Focusing