Discussion article for the meetup : January 2015 Rationality Dojo - How to learn faster and teach more effectively and teaching

WHEN: 04 January 2015 03:30:00PM (+0800)

WHERE: Errol St park, between Errol St and Harcourt St in North Melbourne

The Less Wrong Sunday Rationality Dojos are crafted to be serious self-improvement sessions for those committed to the Art of Rationality and personal growth. Each month a community member will run a session involving a presentation of content, discussion, and exercises.

Continuing the succession of immensely successful dojos, Stephanie will run a session on powering up your training by both learning and teaching others. Stephanie brings insights from training animals and coaching humans to creating the habits and responses that we desire in ourselves and others.

For our first dojo of the year we'll have something outside! If the weather is poor we will move to Helen's place which is nearby.

As always, we will review the personal goals we committed to at the previous Dojo (I will have done X by the next Dojo). Our goals are now being recorded via Google Forms here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MCHH4MpbW0SI_2JyMSDlKnnGP4A0qxojQEZoMZIdopk/viewform, and Melbourne Less Wrong organisers have access to the form results if you wish to review the goals you set last month.

This month, we are also seeking 2-3 lightning talks from members. Have you learned something cool? Gained an insight from one of the LessWrong sequences? Give a lightning talk and share it with Melbourne LW! Speakers will be limited to 5 minutes with room for questions. If you have something you would like to present a lightning talk on, please contact Louise with your topic at lvalmoria@gmail.com

The Dojo is likely to run for 2-3 hours. After the dojo, we will then have a low key gathering at Helen's place to give LW Melbourne a chance to get to know Alyssa Vance, a Google software engineer who is visiting from the Bay Area. Bring drinks or snacks, and we might order something to eat.

If you have any trouble finding either the park or Helen's place, call Louise on 0419 192 367.

If you would like to present at a future Dojo or suggest a topic, please fill it in on the Rationality Dojo Roster: http://is.gd/dojoroster

To organise similar events, please send an email to melbournelw@gmail.com

Discussion article for the meetup : January 2015 Rationality Dojo - How to learn faster and teach more effectively and teaching


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I have not been to one of these before. I think I should be able to get there depending on my daughter's work schedule. Is it okay just to turn up? :)