The map of the methods of optimisation (types of intelligence)

byturchin3y15th Sep 201610 comments


Optimisation process  is an ability to quickly search space of possible solution based on some criteria. 
We live in the Universe full of different optimisation processes, but we take many of them for granted. The map is aimed to show full spectrum of all known and possible optimisation processes. It may be useful in our attempts to create AI.

The interesting thing about different optimisation processes if that they come to similar solution (bird and plane) using completely different paths. The main consequences of it is that dialog between different optimisation processes is not possible. They could interact but they could not understand each other. 

The one thing which is clear from the map is that we don’t live in the empty world where only one type intelligence is slowly evolving. We live in the world which resulted from complex interaction of many optimisation processes. It also lowers chances of intelligence explosion, as it will have to compete with many different and very strong optimisation processes or results of their work. 

But most of optimisation processes are evolving in synergy from the beginning of the universe and in general it looks like that many of them  are experiencing hyperbolic acceleration with fixed date of singularity around 2030-2040. (See my post and also ideas of J.Smart and Schmidhuber

While both model are centred around creation of AI and assume radical changes resulting from it in short time frame, the nature of them is different. In first case it is one-time phase transition starting in one point, and in second it is evolution of distributed net.

I add in red hypothetical optimisation processes which doesn’t exist or proved, but may be interesting to consider.  I mark in green my ideas. 

The pdf of the map is here