Meetup : Canberra: More Zendo!

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Discussion article for the meetup : Canberra: More Zendo!

WHEN: 13 June 2015 06:00:00PM (+1000)

WHERE: 108 North Road, Acton, ACT

I really enjoyed Zendo last time we played it, so we're doing it again, but this time with things other than playing cards. The rules will be explained at the event, but in summary, one person is the 'Master', who has a secret rule in mind, and their 'Students' must guess the Master's rule in order to win. Further explanation is at the Wikipedia page (although note that we will be using simpler rules). As always, vegan snacks will be provided.

Note that after this, I will be in the USA until late July, and therefore unable to run meetups. However, other people are more than welcome to do so in my absence.

General meetup info:

  • If you use Facebook, please join our group.
  • Structured meetups are (usually) held on the second Saturday and fourth Friday of each month from 6 pm until late in the CSIT building, room N101.

Discussion article for the meetup : Canberra: More Zendo!

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