There are still some places available in the Winter Intelligence Multi-Conference, a dual conference including AGI-12 (the Fifth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence), followed by the AGI impacts conference. The impacts conference will about the safety, risks and impacts of AGI, and how best to prepare now for these challenges. This is of great relevance to the people of Less Wrong. Plus it's in Oxford - Oxford is nice.

The AGI-12 conference is on the 8th-9th December (with morning workshops on the 10th-11th), while the AGI impacts conference in on the 10th-11th. Reduced prices are available for students; details here.

Hope to see as many of you as we can! And if people want to stay on for a few days after the conference, people from the Future of Humanity Institute should be available to chat with.

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Much of SI will be there during the conference and a few days after: myself, Louie Helm, Malo Bourgon, Carl Shulman, Kaj Sotala, Alex Altair, and visiting fellow Anja Heinisch!

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