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Anthony Campolo

This year's ACX Meetup everywhere in Saint Louis, MO.

Location: Lily Pond Shelter, Tower Grove Park, St. Louis – 86CFJP4R+XV



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Hey ya'll who RSVP'd, if you are interested send me a dm with your email and I will add you to our email list. 

We are doing two events before the ACX Meetup Everywhere in October. You can learn about them by getting on the email list. This Thursday September 22 we are doing an online event in Gathertown 8pm eastern, 5pm Pacific. Feel free to send this out to people who would like this sort of thing.

Loose Discussion Topic:
What does it mean to improve your local community/environment? Is local improvement possible? What would that mean? Should you care? Does local matter anymore? And how would one go about making such improvements possible? Come puzzle over these things and more with us Thursday night.

We tend to discuss the topic for a while and then move to whatever fits one's fancy. Also, gathertown allows splitting to talk in different groups. So that's, like, helpful if you want to talk Stable Diffusion, but another group of people wants to talk development economics, and another science politics.