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My temporary plan is to meet together daily at one of the BART stops (Ashby or Berkeley, probably Ashby at first), choose a random set of directions, walk for 30-45 minutes, and then find a place to sit and chat for a while about other activities.  Then walk back and split up.  Total time may be 2-2.5 hours, 1-1.5 of it spent walking.  I'm planning on doing this in the evening to avoid the midday heat, and to be done before it gets dark.

Anyone that wishes can come along.  If you would like to bring ideas for future format or training ideas, please do!  Together we can come up with things that enhance us all.


Edit - forgot to add location!  Thanks for reminding me, Randaly.


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Here it might mean "Insufficiently Awesome". I'm guessing this was meant to be a followup post.

Oops, yes. Sorry about that... I'll be using 'IA' for things focused on doing rather than talking. Active self and community improvement.

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Normally "Intelligence Augmentation" on LW

Oh, I didn't realize... but as I think about it, this is meant to augment our intelligence in some ways. It may still not be a misnomer, even if the effect is very weak.

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I think you've just given it a new meaning :-)

Could you explain a bit more about what the purpose of this is for us non-Berkley people who might be interested? It sounds like you're finding a unique setting to do these discussions because learning things in a new place helps with memory, and this is an awesome way to do this.. perhaps regular meetups might want to implement this technique. But what kind of discussion or activity will be done?

That is actually the first thing we'll be working on. My goal is to make this a series of daily activities that focus on doing, and helping ourselves and each other become good at and comfortable with a variety of situations. Daily exercise seems like a low-hanging fruit here. Two other activities I've been mulling over are a weekly potluck/learn to cook day, and a monthly fashion sense building activity.

The fashion sense building will involve everyone bringing a small amount of money to be spent on others only, and then trying on different styles. If you like the look of something someone is wearing, buy it for them. This will help people learn how others see them and how to manipulate their presentation.

Potluck/learn to cook day would be mostly for community-building, and trying interesting foods not likely to show up on menus. Learning how to fail gracefully at cooking is useful too.

Daily exercise will probably end up having different focus depending on the day, with possibilities being anything from how styles of communication matter to strategy games, and probably a day or two a week devoted to more strenuous exercise or weightlifting. I want to focus on community more than individual effectiveness.

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(Can you put the location in the title?)