In the last few months, there have been several indicators of a dramatic increase of resources available from a number of organizations in effective altruism, in particular for the focus area of EA community/infrastructure building and long-termism. 

This includes not only financial resources for typical grant-making but also for research fellowships and scholarships from newer funding sources, as well as different kinds of institutional support and career opportunities.

 This list isn't a call for applications or requests at this time from any of the organizations in question. This is only a summary of recent developments so the EA community at large is aware of these opportunities and changes for the purpose of strategic decision-making.

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Thanks for this post!

Lightcone... are giving $500 rewards for high-quality book reviews 

IIRC their full name is Lightcone Infrastructure, and this book review bounty program was time-limited and is no longer available.

The Effective Altruism Forum recently held a creative writing contest 


is now offering EA fellowships.


Open Philanthropy is more heavily investing in outreach projects 

There links are weird Facebook referral links.

Thanks for flagging all of that. I've made all of those edits.