First off, Kudos to Less Wrong which had some comments about the TV show The Good Place, so I watched it on Netflix and enjoyed it a lot.

There is one line from the show that encapsulates the human dilemma

``There is a chicken sandwich that, if you eat it, you hate gay people. But it tastes so good.''

More generally- when and how can we take a stand on things? How do our actions affect others? How can we tell. Its hard!

One more line, actually a sequence of lines, that has no interesting philosophical content but I found hilarious.

Recall that The Good Place' is Heaven and The Bad Place' is hell.

Michael: The Bad place has a museum of torture. Jason: Is there a gift shop? Michael: Its hell. Of course there's a gift shop.

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"Its hell. Of course there's a gift shop."  Amen, to that!