Meetup : Brussels - Hope & Self-improvement

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Discussion article for the meetup : Brussels - Hope & Self-improvement

WHEN: 13 December 2014 01:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Rue des Alexiens 55 1000 Bruxelles

t's Christmas season, so I thought of doing something about rational giving, but we've already talked your ears off about Effective Altruism last meetup. Instead, let's fight off seasonal depression with the Power of Friendship (and of Chemistry).

What makes you hope for your own future? How has your life improved recently, and what makes you expect it will improve again? What makes you hope for the future of humanity? Which recent scientific development brings us one step towards utopia?

This month, a meetup that will go better than expected.

We will meet at 1 pm at "La Fleur en papier doré, close to the Brussels Central station. The meeting will be in English to facilitate both French and Dutch speaking members.

If you are coming for the first time, please consider filling out this one minute form to share your contact information.

The Brussels meetup group communicates through a Google Group.

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Discussion article for the meetup : Brussels - Hope & Self-improvement

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