I'm trying to re-find a blog/website that had a prepared list (with pictures/descriptions) of all the basic technology/machines we would need to rebuild civilization. These machines altogether would cost tens/hundreds of thousands, but I'm imagining various communities would be able to chip-in for at least some of this gear to help distribute our redundant resilience in the case of civ collapse. 

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Here is a wiki, but with very little content: https://wikiciv.org/

Jo Segaert


This reminds me of the Open Source Ecology project: https://www.opensourceecology.org/ and their wiki.

There we go - thank you! That matches my memory for what I was looking for.



Not a blog, but a book: "The knowledge". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Knowledge:_How_to_Rebuild_Our_World_from_Scratch Purposefully a book, as more stable. Assumes a massive collapse event with a few human survivors and some resources surviving, with your task being surviving the grace period and rebuilding civilisation before the last things are lost. Goes from water to shelter to food to securing grain banks and reestablishing farming, restarting medicine, restarting chemistry, restarting printing press, restarting electric power, with clever ideas on where to skip steps and learn from hindsight, and to focus on preserving rationality and principles as well as some specifics that give you a massive hand up, from machinery designs to where our current cultivars are stored under the Arctic. Strongly recommend.