On-line google hangout on approaches to communication around agi risk (2017/5/27 20:00 UTC)

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We have a number of charities that are working on different aspects of AGI risk

-  The theory of the alignment problem (MIRI/FHI/more)

-  How to think about problems well (CFAR)

However we don't have body dedicated to making and testing a coherent communication strategy to help postpone the development of dangerous AIs.

I'm organising an on-line discussion around what we should do about this issue next saturday.

In order to find out when people can do it, I've created a doodle here. I'm trusting that doodle works well with timezones. The time slots should be between 1200 and 2300  UTC , let me know if they are not.

We'll be using the optimal brainstorming methodology

Give me a message if you want an invite, once the time has been decided.

I will take notes and post them here again.

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I didn't organise this one so well, so it was a wash. No concrete plans for next time yet. Other priorities may interfere

My apologies for not being present. I did not put it into my calendar, and it slipped my mind. :(

The title says 2017/6/27. Should it be 2017-05-27?

Thanks! Fixing now.

Also, it looks like the last time slot is 2200 UTC. I can participate from 1900 and forward.

I will promote this in the AI Safety reading group tomorrow evening.

Can I get an email to invite to the hangout?

Also I've nailed down the time if people see this in the comments.

time to be decided UTC