Seeking the biology-ignorant! Come and do your part!

I am working on a post with Beth Barnes that will explain meiotic drive to AI safety people so they can determine if there are any useful analogies to gradient hacking. If you don't know what "meiotic drive" is, you might be perfect! I need beta readers who can tell me if they don't understand the biology stuff, so that I can get an idea of how they interpret the things they think they do understand, and so I know if what I'm saying is really making sense to them and seems related to AI safety concepts. I want this paper to be maximally accessible to AI safety researchers, so I want to really be sure I'm minimizing my biology jargon and explaining the necessary biology concepts well in language they understand.

This would involve looking over a ~5-15 page google doc, flagging jargon you don't know or understand, and commenting on your confusions. Ideally I'd also find people who were willing to look at successive drafts. Ideally ideally I'd find people who were willing to have a brief call to talk about their interpretation of what they had read. The timeframe is within the next month (until end of August 2022). 

Comment below or PM me if you are interested :)

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Interested. I have assisted in various AI safety efforts in China, through which I gained a broad understanding of the relevant literatures. And I have almost no background in biology.

I have time in August to look at and comment on successive drafts. Being a beta reader for innovative and interdisciplinary concepts sounds really exciting to me. I look forward to getting involved!

Awesome! Would you mind sending me the email address where you'd like to get the google doc invite? I should be sending it out sometime next week.

I'm interested!

Awesome, thank you! Want to PM me your email?


AI safety level: don't typically struggle to follow technical conversations with full time researchers, though am not a full time researcher.

Bio: last studied it 14 years ago. Vaguely aware miosis and mitosis are different but couldn't define either without Google.

Sweet! Would you mind PMing me the email address you'd like the google doc sent to? You should be getting in around a week.