Clusters C19 literature for easier filtering and digestion

Given a target article, identifies similar articles


Balancing the cost in lives of C19 and shutdown

Plea to consider both the cost in lives of doing nothing and of gutting the economy, and spend more money to get things fixed faster

Spread & Prevention

Disinfection and reuse of N95 masks (guidelines and data)

A report on disinfecting N95 disposable respirators. The second half of the document is a paper with fresh results: 70C air for 30 min (good), UV 254nm@8W for 30 min (good, but light must reach all surfaces), hot steam for 10 min (significant degradation after 5-10 cycles), bleach or alcohol (destroys filtration, do not use).

Work & Donate

Empathetic listening for frontline medics

Connects front line medics and carers with volunteer listeners

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Disinfection guidelines are 70C for 30 minutes. I've read elsewhere that 27C deactivates the virus, but never seen that claim attached to logs per hour. Has anybody seen quantitative data on covid survival rates in human-survivable temperatures at various humidities?

edit: found some stuff for the last SARS: if you go to 100F / 48C *and* 95+% humidity, you will kill 2 log10 in 24 hours. If you lose humidity *or* temperature, you’re back to the baseline of 1 to 0 logs in 24h.