I made a collection of 200+ flashcards (Part 1 together with part 2) to help remember useful life lessons from hundreds of great books, videos, podcasts and other sources. It includes knowledge to

  • Make more informed decisions.
  • Determine if someone is drowning or having a stroke.
  • Have stronger more fulfilling relationships.
  • Succeed with your goals.

References including links to video explanations are included with each card, giving the option to watch or read an explanation to make learning easy.

I think more people share my interest in collecting important knowledge and making it available as flashcars. If we worked together we could make a comprehensive deck of what life skills everyone should know.

Feel free to

  • Provide corrections (ideally with sources).
  • Share this post with anyone who might find it useful.
  • Share your own deck of cards you think everyone should know and link to it below or send as private message, and I'll add it.
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Thanks for posting the link. I will  give them a try,

I like the NATO phonetic alphabet deck. I use it a couple of times a week. Talk about bang for you buck.

Any other decks worth looking at?

Hope you like it! One of my favorites: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge