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Alex Vermillion
NM and BV

This year's ACX Meetup everywhere in Baltimore, MD.

Location: UMBC outside of the Performing Arts and Humanities Building. I will have a sign that says ACX meetup. Parking is free on the weekends. – 87F5774P+53

There will be pizza and drinks


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We meet Sundays at 7pm — half are in person and half are virtual.

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In case of rain, we will be meeting on the first floor of the Performing Arts and Humanities Building (Same GPS location, just inside instead of directly outside of it).

Here are several more coordinates I did up:

39.25538, -76.71480 39.25538 N, 76.71480 W 18N 352043 4346518 87F5774P+53 18S UJ 52043 46518