I'm looking for people to be part of my facebook group named The wisdom of the of the crowd to help with the initial structure building of the group. developers would be awesome, but if you would like to just be part of the experiment you're welcome too. If there are any of you who are familiar with the theory of the wisdom of the crowd, and may have insights on how to set up the parameters to conduct some social experiments, well some of those people would be awesome too. if interested let me know. i'm not sure if i should put a link on here.

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The idea of the “wisdom of the crowd” has been discussed on Less Wrong many times before, so, yes, there are many people here who are familiar with the idea.

(Have you checked out any of the posts I’ve linked? If not—you should.)

I think that, if you want to see some engagement from people here, you should probably say quite a bit more about what it is that you’re trying to do. What is this “experiment”? What is the purpose of the group? You say you need developers—what sort? What are you planning to develop? What are these social experiments you plan to run? (Do you have experience running social experiments?)

P.S. You spelled “crowd” wrong in the post title.

you're right about all that on all points. and i think one of the posts you have linked is how i found this site in the first place. there are many experiments that i would like to run on a group, i could go on and on about the big questions, but also can it be done in a way where everyone is better for it. try to model it in a decentralized way. since one of the questions i wanna answer is "are they crazy or just stupid" (maybe give that a different name later) i wanna educate the members so they all have the same information. the developers thing is because i wanna make that education more engaging and more fun. something like a messenger instant game that links with the quizes and videos in the education section. i'm not tryin to make a million bucks. in fact i wonder about group owned apps then their clicks come back to them so to speak. it's a conversation to have though. how does that compare to possible future government structures. so the purpose isn't just to test that old theory. but to make the group as a whole better for it. pool knowledge into a data base and raise group wisdom and maybe their mental health in the process. i'm curious and would like to get data on psych/sociopaths, and narcissists. I'm not a scientist or a doctor, so i'm not out to publish results. i kinda wanna have mental health in the priority section cause i believe it is the root cause of many other problems. i wanna try to draw certain insights into society, like what problems would be rendered irrelevant if everyone at least got some mental health education on the more dangerous types i stated above. i wonder if less people would be hurt if they knew about them. and i wonder how many people have mental issues because of them, and not know it. educate and raise the "rationality" of the group as a whole. plus it will be a fun cool thing to do.