We make a lot of quick desserts that look like "melt chocolate and fat". Often this is chocolate and peanut butter ("chocolate peanut butter sauce", Lily's current favorite breakfast, on bread) or chocolate and butter and/or cream ("chocolate sauce", really ganache). Lately I've been making a variant that I've been calling "mock brownie" because it tastes something like the gooey inside of not-quite-cooked brownie that's just out of the oven.

I start with chocolate chips (Barry Callebaut semi-sweet that we buy in bulk) and melt them with cream and/or butter:

It takes about 25s in the microwave. Then I stir it smooth:

It's good like this, though a but thin and a little sweeter than I like. So I add cocoa powder:

And stir it in:

I'm very happy with it. It's best warm, though also different and interesting after it's cooled.

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