Are you an experienced coach, or therapist interested in taking on a new challenge? Then this is for you! You can apply here (<20min). 


Our emerging organization, Rethink Wellbeing aims to improve mental resilience and productivity at scale, starting in the Effective Altruism Community. We plan to do so by developing an integrative stepped-care system that, among others, includes peers to train psychological skills together, combined with accountability schemes and proven digital courses, and workbooks.

We’d love your support as a program manager and “super”-facilitator to co-create, test and run our first batch of programs, as well as the corresponding training of other facilitators. The job opening is for someone with 50–100% FTE, working as a contractor or employee, preferably full-time, starting as soon as possible. Funding is available until the end of Aug, and we are fundraising to extend this period. 


What we offer you

  • A high-impact job opportunity
  • An opportunity to work with a great team and community (short-term or long-term)
  • Plenty of scope to shape the future of the programs and organization
  • Flexible remote work
  • Lots of learning and self-development
  • Competitive salary that depends on the level of experience, need, and responsibility

What the program manager ideally brings

  • preferably a degree in psychology/ psychotherapy or a comparable one,
  • track record of an extraordinarily high participant or client ratings,
  • experience with group facilitation, e.g., moderation, workshops, hosting events, or similar, ideally online,
  • experience with treatment methods that foster mental health, connection, or productivity,
  • experience with developing programs or trainings, ideally online,
  • bonus: experience with training of facilitators, therapists, or coaches,
  • bonus: experience in community building, working with Effective Altruism, Rationalist, or adjacent communities.


Programs we run

We run online groups of 4–6 participants, running 1.5 - 2 hours sessions per week for ~ 6 weeks. In these groups, participants boost their mental wellbeing or productivity together, applying proven psychological techniques such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
  • Accountability, and Behavior Change, 
  • Compassion, and mindfulness,
  • Inner-Parts Work, such as Internal Family Systems.

The facilitators of these groups do not teach the group but rather operate as moderators, enablers of structure and owner of vibes. Participants learn about the techniques and contents with the help of selected high-quality material such as online workbooks and online courses in between the sessions as homework. You can learn more about our programs on our website and by talking to us. 


The mission of our program manager

  • prepare and run some pilot sessions and workshops to test what works best,
  • (help to) create and iterate the program structure and content,
  • test and run the first program versions with the highest quality possible (together with other super-facilitators),
  • co-create the training for later facilitators to run these programs (optional),
  • build the community of facilitators and participants (optional)

We have an evaluation system in place to measure the success of sessions and the programs' pre-post.

You can learn more about us on our website and about the job here.