Short introductory materials for a rationality meetup

by Dolores1984 1 min read13th Nov 201210 comments


So, I and a few other people are starting a Bayesian Conspiracy chapter at my university (New Mexico Tech).  We're trying to put together a short (three page) introductory packet to give to new members.  We'd like the packet to introduce people to what rationality is, what it's useful for, and some of the basic techniques.  We'd like it to be as readable and palatable as possible, to avoid the intimidation factor of simply pointing people at the Sequences, which are not particularly friendly to a casual reader.  

I'm compiling some materials of my own for this purpose, but before I get too excited, I thought I ought to check if any of the other meetups had or knew of something along these lines already created.  If not, we'll post our packet on our website for other meetups to use as they see fit.