Discussion article for the meetup : London Social Meetup, 18/01/2015

WHEN: 18 January 2015 02:00:00PM (+0000)

WHERE: Shakespeare's Head, Shakespeare's Head, Africa House, 64-68 Kingsway, London WC2B 6BG, UK-68 Kingsway, London WC2B 6BG, UK

LessWrong London is having another meetup this Sunday (18/01) at 2:00 PM. We are meeting at our usual venue - The Shakespeare's Head by Holborn tube station. There is no fixed topic of discussion nor is there anything planned so be prepared for anything. There will be a sign identifying us and if you have any problems feel free to contact me on 07425168803.

About London LessWrong:

We run this meetup almost every week; these days we tend to get in the region of 5-15 people in attendance. By default, meetups are just unstructured social discussion about whatever strikes our fancy: books we're reading, recent posts on LW/related blogs, logic puzzles, toilet usage statistics.... Sometimes we play The Resistance or other games. We usually finish around 7pm, give or take an hour, but people arrive and leave whenever suits them.

If you want more information about the meetup or anything else come by our google group or alternatively our facebook group.

Discussion article for the meetup : London Social Meetup, 18/01/2015

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be prepared for anything

*packs first aid kit and crowbar*