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WHEN: 16 June 2012 12:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Museum of Natural Sciences Rue Vautier 29 B-1000 Brussels

We'll discuss personal catastrophic events and how to recover from them and trying to answer

Warning: attendance will be lower because of the exam period. We'll meet in the lobby as usual, should you arrive late we will have moved to the cafeteria (just go straight once you're past the entrance, you can't miss it) If you are in the neighborhood, consider dropping by. (getting there:

Discussion article for the meetup : Brussels meetup

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I also suggest we try the "really getting Bayes" game. I'll bring the description and some items to use.

Going to be my last meetup for the foreseeable future - which has got me thinking about what if anything we can do via email. Will come with some suggestions. Looking forward to it as always!

Could also be interesting to present your data (and mine too eventually) regarding daily self reporting happiness, consequences, limits.