Rational Ritual

Ritual and rationality are often seen in opposition. This is for good reason - ritual can reinforce beliefs if used carelessly. But rituals and traditions are also an important part of the human experience, which we needn't sacrifice if we're thoughtful about it.

Winter Solstice

On the longest night of year, reflect upon humanity's journey.

Once upon a time there was darkness, and so we created light.
Once upon a time there was cold, and so we created shelter and heat.
Once upon a time there was hunger, and so we developed agriculture.
Once upon a time there was disease, and so we developed medicine.
Once upon a time there was suffering, and so we helped, as best we could.

There is still hunger and sickness and suffering. Our work is not yet done.

But we have come far. And tonight, we gather to celebrate the story of humanity.

Summer Solstice

On the longest day of the year, celebrate everything glorious about being an embodied human in the here-and-now. Explore. Build. Make Art.

Find your way to the top of the world or the edge of the world. As sun sets, look out upon the beauty around you.

Other Ritual